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Remember to be in touch for a personal appointment as we cannot accommodate drop-in visits. 
Mon - Thurs 7am - 3:30pm   Friday 7am - 11:30am

Read FAQ for rental info and use the Worksheet
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Due to inflationary pressures a 5% surcharge was added to our rentals Feb 1st 2022
This is reflected as a separate line item on every invoice

We appreciate your business and your understanding!
xo Mókus & Joseph



Pickups & Returns Freight Elevator entrance adjacent to main lobby
7am - 3:15pm // Fridays 7am - 11:15am

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Send us a worksheet of your selects. Include your dates 

We’ll check availability, and when applicable, email you a Quote, credit card authorization and rental agreement (or download from the links). For a returning customer we’ll verify the card on file.

Allow 2 to 4 hours after confirmation to pull/wrap.  For clients who just have to wait till the last minute to let you (and us) know, a rush order fee may be added.

All payments before pickup on Credit or Debit cards. We no longer accept checks or carry open accounts.  We will contact you if another client wishes to confirm an item you have on hold.


Everything in our inventory is photographed and online. We are now shooting with a medium format camera ;-)  Items in each category are listed in order of size from small to large.

Several Categories have Set Pieces and Surfaces separated in the Nav Bar.  Searching by Colors is useful and exciting!

Make a worksheet. It is your visual checklist and streamlines your job of selecting, editing, and sharing with colleagues, clients and us. Check the boxes for Send This Email To: it is not necessary to retype your own email address or ours.

The worksheet will self-clear when you leave the website or close your browser. It is useful to occasionally refresh the website and clear the cache on your computer.


Surfaces are wrapped in our custom sewn blanket ‘sleeves’ with velcro tape. Please ensure surfaces are returned to us in their sleeves.  A shipping label is placed on the blanket on the front face of the surface. Keeping these labels on the blankets will help you when re-wrapping and help us identify your return, as well as make it easy to know which side to be careful with in transit.

Set pieces are wrapped in mini sleeves held shut with rubber bands. When re-wrapping for your return, place all set pieces/tabletop items back in their sleeves secured with the rubber band which keeps them from sliding out in transit. Please Tape The Box Shut So Items Do Not Spill Out In Transit (:-D


Pick-Up Deliveries

You arrange pickup/return deliveries. We can recommend a courier.

NOTE  LARGE 4ft x 6ft and larger, and or HEAVY (65 lbs plus) surfaces must be handled by a two person courier team. Large and heavy surfaces won’t be released to any one person.

Rental orders will not be released to bike/pedal cart messengers.  We highly recommend professional couriers rather than DIY moving for marble and stone! Seriously.


The rental price listed online is for a 5 business day or 1 calendar week rental.
Pick up Monday 1st morning and return Monday 7th morning.

Rentals beyond 1 week are Extended and are prorated at 20% of the original (pre-tax) fee per day.
Pick up Monday 1st morning and return Tuesday 8th morning = one rental  + one extended day.  (We allow a courtesy return window until 11am before counting the day as an extended rental.)

We do not offer discounts or negotiate pricing.  Due to consistent inflationary pressures beyond our control, our rental prices were raised by 5% as of February 1st, 2022. This is reflected as a separate line item on every invoice.  Inflation Surcharge - as of FEB 1st, 2022    

Cancellations on confirmed orders that have already been wrapped will be charged a 50% cancellation/restocking fee. In the event we’d lost a rental on any item in that order, the full price will be charged.


Renter assumes full responsibility for lost or damaged goods (per signed rental agreement).  Damaged items must be returned to us.

Repair fees are assessed on a case by case basis and are charged when we must go beyond usual cleaning and maintenance.  Accidents happen, we understand. IF anything is damaged on set we truly appreciate a courtesy heads-up email or phone call.

Replacement fees are for cases of items being damaged beyond repair. Replacement fee is set at 6x the surface’s rental cost. Marble and Stone is set at 10x the surface rental cost. This fee is separate from the rental fee. We recommend insuring items at 6x the total rental cost for both transportation and on set.

On Set

We maintain our surfaces in the best condition possible for you; we expect you do the same.

If you have a question, be in touch: call, email or text. We can guide you to ensure stress-free shooting & happy returns.

Solid Acrylic Corian Formica Industrial Finish Resincoat Cement are spill proof. Clean with windex and paper towels. Note that plastic will melt and bubble if left under hot lights or some LED lights. 

Cement Marble Metals Venetian Plaster Wood Zinc are NOT scratch and spill proof and in fact can be damaged easily by anything organic, wet or otherwise unfinished  Baked goods   Fresh cut fruit  Glycerin spray  Makeup swipes   Plants   Raw & cooked fish fowl meat will stain.   Many pros use a sheet of acetate on top of the surface. 

Do not drag anything across surfaces as they scratch easily and we aren’t always able to repair them. Place a thin layer of felt or a paper towel 'coaster' underneath anything, but especially cement set pieces, rocks, or plates with coarse bottoms.  Tape often removes finishes on woods, painted surfaces, and cements

What may cause damage? ‚Äč  Hot lights   Open flames   Clamping without cushioning!!  Heavy handed taping  Cutting, ironing or drilling holes   Jeweler wax and tape  Using as staging area for prep  Lifting heavy items alone  


Joseph makes our entire inventory, mostly in our West 30th St studio.  It's art with science and some tech!  Replicating/replacing is no small task.  We are not selling or making custom rental/sales items. We'll gladly add your name to our Sale list, let us know!  We do not crate/ship for out of town rentals via FedEx UPS or USPS

***The rental of any item from Surface Studio constitutes acceptance of our policies and your agreement to indemnify and hold harmless Surface Studio Enterprises NYC, Inc., its agents and employees against any claims of any sort resulting from any activity in connection with the items being rented.***
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